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"We didn't want Uncharted to be a launch title"

"We specifically didn't want [Uncharted: Drake's Fortune] to be a launch title," developer Naughty Dog, the creator of Jak & Daxter, has unsurprisingly revealed. Uncharted's ambitious visuals and animation tap into PS3's power to a degree that probably would not have been possible had it been crammed into PS3's launch day line-up.

"We wanted time to really understand the hardware," explains EvanWells, co-president at Naughty Dog. This understanding has been heavily assisted by the close relationship between Naughty Dog and fellow Sony dev, Insomniac - creator of Resistance: Fall of Man.

"Games have become so complex now that it's great to have this close friend in a developer like Insomniac," Evan continues. "We talk probably once every three or four weeks about something or other."