We Cast 7 Classic Villains For Spiderman 4

So, it looks like Morbius is going to be the main villain in Spider-Man 4 .

Good news, because if there's anything Spider-Man 3 taught us, it's that Sam Raimi knows how to handle the classic villains (Sandman) but he should be kept as far away from modern baddies as possible (Venom).

Just in case he's currently considering teaming up Morbius with Carnage, we've decided to help him pick some old-school villains, and we've told him who should play them. Because we're kind like that.

Why he’s a fit for Raimi’s Spider-Man: His costume is a mix between Green Goblin’s gear and Doctor Octopus’ tentacles (except this time it’ll be a tail that’ll be whipping around CGI style) and his thuggish appearance mirrors Sandman’s. Just don’t ret-con him to be Aunt May’s executioner, please.

Who should play him: totalfilm.com hero Jason Statham is due a step-up to the big leagues, after being the best thing in action franchises like The Transporter and Crank. Scorpion’s personality mix of low wit and high aggression is essentially a metaphor for those flicks. Sorry Jason.

5. Kraven The Hunter

4. Electro

2. The Chameleon

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