WB Games Montreal's Batman game will get its official reveal next week

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

The next title from Batman: Arkham Origins studio WB Games Montreal is finally going to get its official reveal on Saturday.

Over the last few years, the studio has dropped a number of teases that seem to point toward a new Batman game inspired by the Court of Owls comic book storyline. We'll finally see exactly where it's headed during the DC FanDome event, with the official schedule (you have to register to see it) teasing a "Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement" on Saturday, August 22 at 10:30 am PDT / 1:30 pm EDT / 6:30 pm BST.

"Gamers! You won’t want to miss this first look at an exciting new game, and Q&A with its developers," the synopsis text reads. The online panel is set to run for 20 minutes in total, and anybody can watch the event by registering for DC FanDome.

Rumors have pointed to WB Games Montreal's next project being a "soft reboot" of the Arkham franchise, which will kick off a shared "DC Game Universe" which will also be occupied by Rocksteady's new Suicide Squad project. It may also feature more playable members of the Bat-family, and also introduce co-op multiplayer (which Rocksteady was openly uninterested in for its Arkham games) to the Batman formula.

According to those rumors, WB Games' Batman project was originally intended to launch later this year - likely coming before Rocksteady's new Suicide Squad project. However, there's a strong chance that the COVID-19 pandemic will have adjusted those plans, assuming the rumors were accurate to begin with. Hopefully we'll find out for sure when the panel goes live next week.

Speaking of Rocksteady, we'll get our first official look at its Suicide Squad game during DC FanDome as well.

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