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Watch us speed through Mafia 3 to see how big the map is

GR+'s David Houghton was impressed by Mafia 3's two-fisted action and charged political atmosphere in his recent hands-on time, but one question remains: how big is it? Using the proven scientific method of "driving to the opposite side of the map at unsafe speeds", we've come up with a quick primer for the scale of Mafia 3's New Bordeaux and surrounding bayou.

Following the navigation system's suggested north-south route took about four minutes, but that's only driving through half of the game's 10 districts. Seeing all of the local customs from behind the wheel of your authentic '60s land boat would take significantly longer, especially since several of the local gangs (and probably the police) will try to kill you. Good thing you'll have some nice tunes to drown out the gunfire and screams.

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Connor Sheridan
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