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Watch the Velvet Buzzsaw trailer and check out the best bewildered reactions so far

The trailer for Velvet Buzzsaw has pushed it from "yet another Netflix exclusive that Netflix never talks about" to instant internet gold.  The darkly comedic horror film from many of the same folks behind Nightcrawler (including writer/director Dan Gilroy and star Jake Gyllenhall) is way weirder than anybody had expected. Though that's usually better than being unexpectedly normal, Velvet Buzzsaw's special brand of unhinged horror has struck Twitter users in a special way.

You can check out the whole trailer yourself right here, but you may want to give it a miss if you're sensitive to spoilers; it seems to show a lot of the movie, including some apparent character deaths. But if you're just in it for grasping murderous monkey arms like the rest of us, watch away. 

It's a bit of a slow start, but then it takes a turn...

Rendered speechless by the trippy murder paintings, many Twitter users reverted to the most fundamental means of communication: memes.

Others attempted to process what they just witnessed with the help of some perspective shifting.

In short:

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