Watch the Battlefield 1 Gamescom livestream here

EA is planning another good-old fashioned skirmish Battlefield 1 livestream for its Gamescom 2016 pre-show, this time with an all-new map that goes far afield from the typical war torn France of World War 1 depictions. Unlike the E3 match, it probably won't have Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron playing while blazed out of their minds, but it will have horses galloping across desert sands. So almost as good.

The announcement from EA and DICE also teased that a Gamescom trailer will show off "a trainload of new information" about the game. Trains have already been confirmed as one of the game's "behemoths" (huge vehicles that can help a losing team turn the tide of battle, which also includes zeppelins) so we may finally get to see them chew-chew-chew up the competition.

The stream will begin on Tuesday, August 16 at noon PDT / 8 pm BST, and you can catch it right here when it does.

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