Watch someone beat the Demon’s Souls Flamelurker boss with a dance pad

Demon's Souls PS5
(Image credit: Sony)

A streamer has managed to beat the Flamelurker boss from Demon's Souls using a dance pad.

Below, you can see the astonishing video from Luality on YouTube, as they put their feet to the test in Demon's Souls. The video kicks off with the streamer making their way through the pre-boss run in a fast forward section, before coming face-to-face with the formidable Flamelurker at about 30 seconds in.

The entire boss fight itself is spectacular, as Luality outmanoeuvres the Flamelurker with some excellent footwork. Hell, I could barely defeat the Flamelurker after multiple attempts with just the DualSense controller in my hands, never mind a dance pad underneath my feet.

In the comments section of the video, Luality explains that they've actually completed their entire run of Demon's Souls on the dance pad already. They'll be uploading specific sections of their dance pad playthrough to their YouTube channel in the future, but for more up-to-date content, you can head over to their Twitch page.

I'm not overly familiar with the general boss rankings in Demon's Souls in terms of difficulty, but surely the Flamelurker has to be pretty high up. It's a really tough fight, as the boss is a hell of a lot quicker than it looks, and can pummel anyone into the ground at a moments notice.

If you're struggling with any bosses at all in Bluepoint's impressive remake, you can check out our complete Demon's Souls boss guide for a walkthrough on how to defeat each and every one.

Hirun Cryer

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