Watch Solid Snake and Liquid Snake read The Night Before Metal Gear Christmas poem

Cam Clarke, the voice of Metal Gear Solid's Liquid Snake, and David Hayter, who voices Solid Snake (and also Naked Snake, aka Big Boss, except in Metal Gear Solid 5), recently teamed up to share a very special version of The Night Before Christmas. In full Christmas attire and very much in character, the two gave a stirring read of The Night Before Metal Gear. I'll let the video above do the talking. 

Have you watched it yet? Good. Now go watch Clarke read this Halloween poem dedicated to Solid Snake, which also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the original Metal Gear Solid (which came out on September 3, 1998). Clarke's Halloween video is what inspired the Christmas reading, after all, and it's every bit as entertaining. 

If you're wondering about all the brotherly banter between Clarke and Hayter, here's a quick primer on Liquid Snake and Solid Snake. The short version is that they're both clones of Big Boss and they often find themselves on opposite sides of giant nuclear-powered weapons. I mean, sure, Solid Snake doesn't necessarily follow international maritime law to a tee, but Liquid Snake is still a bad guy, all right? 

The question is, what should Clarke and Hayter do next? I'd love to see Hayter do a solo duo reading - an argument with himself, basically, cutting between left- and right-facing cameras as he swaps between the characters of Solid Snake and Big Boss. A reading from Solid Snake and Big Boss would probably be pretty damn funny, too. They, uh, don't exactly get along, though they have been known to share a cigar now and then. 

Here's another cool Metal Gear moment: watch the original intro remade in 4K using the Unreal Engine.  

Austin Wood

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