Watch Henry Cavill build a new gaming PC and make painfully relatable mistakes look sexy

The Witcher and Superman star Henry Cavill has never hidden his love of PC gaming, and a new Instagram (opens in new tab) video of him building his own gaming rig has crystallized his love of the hobby – and confirmed that even real-life Geralt makes mistakes.

Appropriately set to Barry White's "You're the First, the Last, My Everything," the five-minute video compresses several hours of PC building – basically a full day, seeing as how it's nighttime when Cavill finally boots up his trusty new machine (which is named Roach in my head canon). In that time, we get to see the Man of Steel make the same silly mistakes that every PC gamer dreads.

Things start off small but harrowing: after socketing his CPU, Cavill has to take it out and rotate it. This shouldn't be scary, but it is, because as Cavill says in his video, CPU pins are fragile little things. Unseating and reseating a processor is always nerve-wracking, even when the camera's not rolling. 

Not long after, we get to see Cavill mentally grapple with the toughest question that inevitably comes up when building a liquid-cooled PC: how is this radiator gonna fit? He's got himself a beefy Fractal Design case - and I only know that because my case is from the same line so I recognize the front panel - but he's also got a radiator the size of his massive arms, so slotting it in still isn't easy. 

Cavill himself calls out his greatest blunder right at the end: his pump is upside down, as evidenced by its topsy-turvy digital display. And so begins the worst part of PC building: taking something out, turning it around, and putting it back in. It happens to the best of us (read: all of us). 

In the end, though, Cavill's got himself a well-built and no-doubt obscenely powerful PC ready to run The Witcher 3, or more likely, CD Projekt Red's next game, Cyberpunk 2077 (opens in new tab). Upside-down mount or not, it also boots on the first try, so good on him. Job done, Geralt.   

For more Cavill camera, watch The Witcher star totally geek out (opens in new tab) about the swords in the show.

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