Watch Halo 5 Infection mode gameplay and get down with the sickness

Infection mode is coming to Halo 5 with this month's Memories of Reach update, and there are changes afoot, my friends. If you can't wait to get a feel for the new version of the much-loved Spartans vs. zombies combat, developer 343 Industries has a breakdown to share with you, courtesy of Game Informer: 

Infection was always one of my favorite modes since it debuted in Halo 3, and it looks like 343 is staying true to its roots here. Much like in Halo: Reach, zombies are tinted green and have a dark green and brown cloud around them. Meanwhile, Spartans have all of their aesthetic customizations (including color) turned on, so everyone will appreciate your sci-fi fashion sense.

The new mobility options for Spartans in Halo 5 means new restrictions for Infected players to balance the playing field as well. While Spartans have every option normally available, zombies are pretty much limited to their thruster packs and dashing. They won't even be able to sprint, though they have increased movement.

The biggest change looks to be starting equipment. As 343 says in the video, the loadout has been changed from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles and shotguns to encourage map exploration. As an expert coward, I can definitely attest to many games of Infection spent hiding in a hole with naught but my magnum to keep me company. Some adjustments to strategy may be required.

Sam Prell

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