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Watch Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Workshop DLC's subterranean settlement action

Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Workshop DLC will be the last big boost to the game's settlement system, and it looks like it will have plenty of new stuff to keep you busy. If you can barely wait until July 26 to start building your own Vault in Fallout 4, this 40-minute-long video walkthrough from Bethesda might help tide you over. Skip to the six-minute mark if you want to get right to the new stuff.

Once you complete a few brief quests to get acquainted with your new subterranean home, you'll have a massive cavern to fill with the finest 21st-century prefabricated living spaces (they're also usable in other settlements). Complete a few extra steps and you'll unlock more space to build in. All told, you'll be able to build one close to the same size as the game's pre-existing Vaults. Or you could make a lavish Overseer office and force everybody else to sleep on rocks. Your call.

Honestly, it sounds like that Vault-Tec Super Reactor is worth the price of admission all by itself. You could make a lot of Contraptions with 500 power.

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