Watch Dogs: Legion recruits real-world podcasters to help bring the world of London to life

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Watch Dogs: Legion players will get to experience London life in a more full-bodied, uniquely modern way with help from some real-world podcasters. Players have discovered political podcasts can be listened to in-game by getting into their car and putting the radio on. Twitter user ashiinu posted their own footage of the game, where radio hosts discuss the rise of fascism and the methodology behind it. 

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As news of the in-game radio broadcasts hit the internet, the British politics podcast Oh God, What Now? (formerly known as Remainiacs) divulged that they had been contacted by Ubisoft to make a special politics podcast to be used in the game, stating that they are officially out. The podcast in the video posted on Twitter featured The Atlantic writer Helen Lewis explaining the political landscape of the game's futuristic setting.  

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 Fans seemed pleased to see some familiar faces (or rather, voices) popping up in the game. "I honestly couldn't tell if this was a real BBC Radio clip or if it was just something for the game," said Twitter user Feirsteax in response to ashiinu's video. "Nailed it, defo."

This addition only makes sense given the political nature of the upcoming title, where a London of the near future is ruled by fascist powers. These podcasts were specially designed to fit into this big new world of technology and centralized computer networks. 

Players can look forward to getting their fill of podcasts in-game during their playthrough of Watch Dogs: Legion, which is due for release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X in early November. 

Take over London with the power of a music video in the Watch Dogs: Legion Stormzy mission.

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