Watch Assassin's Creed Origins' Bayek solve a brutal murder mystery

If you have a secret penchant for solving mysterious crimes like Sherlock Holmes - yes, Crimes and Punishments is one of the best Sunday afternoon games of all time - then Assassin's Creed Origins has some Ancient Egyptian-flavoured murder just for you.  In the exclusive gameplay walkthrough from Assassin's Central above, you can check out one of Origins' many investigation side quests  in action. And no, the end result isn’t good but Bayek at least takes revenge for the senseless gory crime. 

Investigation side quests are scattered across the sandy world and, while it might not always exclusively be murder most foul, there will always be a mysterious set of circumstances to uncover and clues to find. Cast your mind back to AC: Syndicate's Penny Dreadful style murders or, y'know, Batman and you know the (blood covered) drill. When Bayek arrives in an investigation area, the bar above goes yellow to let you know you're in the right place and you want to keep an eye out for, well, the eye of Horus. That's the symbol in the middle of Origins' logo and, trivia time, is the Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. Sadly it doesn't mean good health for one poor individual as you might find bloodstains to investigate or particularly nasty implements. 

Thankfully Origins tells you if you've left the investigation zone so if the top left bar of clues hasn't filled up, you've still got more to find in that area. It can get slightly tricky to see what's next to look at so a quick blast of the Animus Pulse - Bayek's new fancy name for Eagle Vision - and you can see everything that you can interact with in your surroundings with a helpful arrow above it. While this should lead you to your target, it also helpfully shows up all the surrounding bottles and chests that can be looted for gold. Not that I'm suggesting solving a murder makes up for stealing... Enjoy the video. 

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Louise Blain

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