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Watch 15 seconds of Death Stranding fog because this is what Hideo Kojima does to us

Death Stranding has fog in it. And not just any fog, but height fog. No, I don't really know what means, but I do know that a presentation on Death Stranding (and Horizon: Zero Dawn's) Decima Engine at the Siggraph computer graphics conference gives us a new look at what kind of visuals the game could use. It's short, moody, and pretty; just put a Low Roar song in the background and, baby, you've got a Death Stranding teaser trailer going.

Speaking of trailers, you might recognize this ruined city scene from the video that introduced Mads Mikkelsen's creepy skeleton-commanding character. All it's missing is Guillermo del Toro in soggy slacks and a creepy baby doll floating down the drainage ditch. You can read the writeup from the Siggraph presentation to learn a little more about the way the Decima Engine brings us all these pretty pictures, but be forewarned that it is intensely technical.

Fifteen seconds of fog rolling in isn't much, but we've been in a Death Stranding news drought for pretty much all of 2017, so I'll still take it.

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