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WarPath review

This 'Path' shouldn't be crossed


  • Shooting things in the head
  • Cheeky weapon names
  • like "The Judge"
  • Bargain price - $20 on PC
  • $30 on Xbox


  • Been-there-done-that feel
  • Graphics are barely current-gen
  • Online is a ghost town

WarPath marched to the retail frontline with about as much hype as a straight-to-DVD movie. Without the onslaught of marketing, that usually accompanies a new first-person-shooter, it snuck into the crowded FPS trenches with hardly a whimper, never mind a war cry. Sadly, WarPath's under-the-radar release is well deserved, as it delivers an all-too familiar package that often dips into mediocrity with dated graphics and slim content.

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DescriptionFun with guns, but do we need another FPS game to compete with the giant pile of other shooters that may do the job better and faster?
US censor rating"Teen","Teen"
UK censor rating"",""
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