Wait - what? Warner planning to make Akira into a trilogy

Last week there was much excitement over the possibility that Christopher Nolan had been linked with Warner’s planed remake of Akira. Now, Den Of Geek has an update on that story, suggesting that the studio is planning to adapt the classic anime into a trilogy of films, but that Nolan is unlikely to be in the director’s chair.

The report claims that Nolan is involved with the proposed project, but will likely be operating in the capacity of producer. Indeed, it goes on to claim that Nolan has in fact met with an unnamed director at some point in the last few months to discuss bringing the project to life.

Sons Of Anarchy and Daredevil screenwriter Marco J. Ramirez is currently at work on the latest draft of the script, although whether that is just the first film in the trilogy is unclear. Nothing official has been confirmed as yet, but it sounds as though the wheels are very much in motion on this one…

George Wales

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