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Warner Independent finds a Fratboy

Ah, college frat boys… Such an easy source of comedy for American movies like Animal House and Old School, and one that Hollywood just can’t help drawing from.

The latest to graduate with comedic dishonour is the comedy spec script Fratboy, which Warner Independent Pictures has bought from Scott Rothman.

It’s the tale of a man left at a frat house as a baby (it’s a comedy pitch, stay with us). He’s raised by generations of raucous frat brothers and never quite develops proper social skills. When he’s reunited with his mother, he ends up causing all sorts of chaos in her upscale home furnishings company.

It’s the sort of role that would have suited Will Ferrell a few years ago, but we doubt he’ll take it on now (though you know they’ll offer it to him). It also needs a director before that green light can flash…