Warhammer Online for consoles?

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game developer and publisher Mythic Entertainment has revealed that it's been running its current PC title Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning on an Xbox 360.

At Mythic's E3 stand last week gamers were able to get hands-on with the PC MMORPG and play with developers who were supposedly back at Mythic's headquarters. The truth was, however, that members of the Mythic team were joining in the online play backstage on Xbox 360s.

Significantly, Mythic hasn't announced that it is going to release a version of the MMORPG for next-gen consoles, but it has satisfied itself that it has the capability to make a console version, and so is an idea the developer is toying with.

The cross-platform gameplay is particularly significant as it falls in-line with Microsoft's Live Anywhere initiative, which aims to unite the gaming community, whether they choose to play games on Xbox 360, PC or mobile phone.

This is also extremely exciting news for 360-owning MMO enthusiasts that aren't satisfied with the single online RPG currently available for the system (Final Fantasy XI ). This cross-pollination between PC and 360 could hint at the possibility of bringing other popular PC MMOs over to the first high-def console. We've got a special candle burning in our shrine to World of Warcraft in the hopes that it will eventually appear on the 360.

May 18, 2006