Warhammer finally reveals the barbarian army fans have been waiting for

Darkoath cavalry ride to battle on a gloomy field
(Image credit: Warhammer Community)

It's taken years, but we're finally getting the Darkoath barbarian army fans have been asking for in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Dropping by surprise with a full box due in the not-so-distant future, this army set contains all-new models that provide a legitimate fighting force for the Darkoath. Besides the obligatory spiky monster (they are followers of Chaos, after all), its ranks include loincloth-wearing barbarian footsoldiers and borderline-demonic cavalry to run down your opponents.

Because there aren't rules for these hordes just yet, the box will be followed by a Battletome Supplement: Darkoath PDF with rules for these models and older minis that only appeared in spin-off board games before now. (They featured in Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood and Warcry: Red Harvest.)

Darkoath miniatures arranged on a plain background

(Image credit: Warhammer Community)

Overall, fans seem pretty keen on this addition to the Age of Sigmar lineup. A lot of the responses on Reddit go something along the lines of LuridofArabia's comment that it's a "really excellent set. AoS continues to lead the way as GW's best miniature line." Similarly, Bartab_Hockey_NZ says "this model release is incredible! Best box set so far IMO."

While I'm still a big fan of the Cities of Sigmar range and those new additions to the Dark Angels (I hate to say it, but I love Space Marines now thanks to the Deathwing Assault box), it's certainly one of the more handsome releases we've seen from Warhammer recently if you ask me. If nothing else, it's great that we can field an army of those awesome Darkoath Savagers at last.

This reveal comes hot on the heels of the Warhammer World Anniversary 2024 announcements, which gave us even more Darkoath via a set of anti-heroes in Gunnar Brand and his Oathbound. In other words, it's a good month for fans of the Chaos hordes.

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