Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade hands-on

The Necron, the second of the two factions, are more nuanced, but just as deadly. These skeletal abominations are ancient and immortal warriors whose weapons literally strip away their enemies' bodies, molecule by molecule. They also continually regenerate during battle, making them universally feared and hated.

In addition to their healing power (known as "we'll be back!"), the Necron have the terrifying ability to appear almost anywhere - and disappear again just as quickly. Some of their most powerful units known as Wraiths can take on an ethereal form, allowing them to pass through solid objects and granting them temporary immunity to weapons.

Necron technology far surpasses nearly every other known advancement, and taking them on with a closely matched force is often suicidal. Their enormous Monolith will often and end battles quickly and decisively. Teleporting onto the field suddenly, the pyramid-shaped Monolith is both giant turret and battlefield buff for its warriors at the same time. It is also extremely well-armored, and often the last word against battle groups that are ill-prepared to mount an overwhelming defense.