Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade hands-on

In between battles, our commander could be outfitted with the spoils of war, making him a daunting figure on the battlefield, but also tailoring his abilities to our playing style. A bodyguard could also be added to our commander giving him the ability to immediately crush his enemies, or a vital toehold inside heavily defended zones.

We first brutalized our enemies with the run-and-gun Tau, a race of power-suited robots that perforate their enemies before they can even get close. However, the Tau trade away any kind of close-up fighting ability for the heaviest artillery in the game.

Unfortunately, the Tau have an extremely long-range nature that was so distant it became troublesome during battles. Dawn of War has traditionally had a camera view that is very close-up, which highlights the astonishing details of the units, but doesn't let the player see quite enough of the battlefield. The Tau's weapons were firing beyond our view nearly all of the time, and if we could change one thing, this'dbe it.