Warframe Mods Guide: Applying, Combining, Fusion, Transmutation, Catalysts, Reactors, and Forma

Fusion and Transmutation

Fusion and Endo

Despite most Mods having universal values between players, they’re not static. That is to say, Mods can be leveled up to produce greater benefits (and detriments) similar to how Warframes level up as they earn experience.

Mods don’t earn experience and level up naturally, however. The player must manually and selectively choose which Mods are worth upgrading. Furthermore, raising a Mod’s level also increases the Capacity it drains (or adds, in the case of Aura and Stance Mods). So consider whether you’ll still be able to fit a Mod onto your desired piece of equipment before upgrading it for enhanced stats.

To upgrade a Mod, visit the Mod Station. It’s located at the centre of your ship on the starboard wall. Opening the terminal will reveal your entire Mod collection with various filters and sorting options for easy searching.

To upgrade a Mod, just select it. Assuming the Mod isn’t already at its maximum level, which it shouldn't be unless you upgraded it yourself or had one traded to you by a fellow player, the “Fusion” option on the far left of the menu should light up.

This will show you all kinds of information about the Mod itself, what it will be like after you upgrade it, and whether or not you have the necessary resources to do so. The right-hand side of the screen will show you two numbers next two corresponding icons. These are the numbers of standard credits and Endo you’ll need to perform fusion to whatever rank you require.

Credits are the basic currency of Warframe but Endo is a unique resource that only be earned in specific ways. It will sometimes drop as white-gold orbs from enemies during missions, for one, or you can choose to “dissolve” unwanted Mods into specific quantities of the stuff. Otherwise you can earn it from Alert missions or by building sculptures for the NPC Maroo at Maroo’s bazaar on Earth. She’ll give you sculptures that can be completed with items called “Ayatan Stars” scattered throughout all missions.

As you level up a Mod, the cost in credits and Endo needed to keep upgrading it will increase. Which is why many players will buy and sell fully upgraded Mods for premium currency on the game’s trade channel.


Besides upgrading, selling, and dissolving Mods the Mod Station there’s one other major reason to visit the terminal: Transmutation.

Transmutation is the process of taking four unwanted Mods and spending credits to combine them into one new, random Mod. The resultant Mod can be of any rarity, polarity, or type - no matter what Mods you used in the combination. However, using more Mods of the same rarity, polarity, or type will increase the chances that the result matches. So if you combine four uncommon Mods the odds that you’ll create a fifth uncommon Mod are higher than if you used four commons.

Bear in mind, this doesn’t work with any of the special Mods we listed earlier in this guide. Corrupted Mods, Nightmare Mods, Auras, etc., you won’t get any of them from Transmuting other mods - no matter what Polarities and types you cast into the cauldron.

This is, however, a pretty nifty way of goosing the odds that you’ll get that one very specific normal Mod you really need. If you’re absolutely dying for a “Continuity” Mod, but it just won’t drop, you can increase your chances by Transmuting four rare Mods with the same Polarity. It’s better than wishing and hoping that of all the possible drops in the game you’ll get that specific one instead of something else.

You can even eliminate the credit cost of Transmutation to make it easier on your virtual wallet. You just need to buy “Transmutation Cores” from the NPC Cephalon Simaris at any Relay. Like so many things, they’ll cost you reputation specific to that vendor which can be earned by completing quests for them. The upside is that, besides eliminating the cost of Transmutation, Cores also have their own Polarities. Which further increases the odds of creating Mods of that Polarity during Transmutation.

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