Warcry: Challenges announced at Future Games Show Powered by WD_BLACK

Warcry: Challenges, the first ever game from Dream Powered Games, has just debuted at the Future Games Show Powered by WD BLACK.

The accompanying short trailer shows off a blisteringly fast first-person shooter that incorporates a lot of platforming to boot. It’s a beautiful dance of death and gore. The footage asks a simple question with Warcry: Challenges: What if Doom guy decided to take on Super Meat Boy at his own game?

For fans of last year’s Doom Eternal, this looks like it might scratch a very familiar itch. The game, which is set to launch in 2021, is said to have over 180 short but increasingly difficult levels, all honed to test your shooting abilities. 

The obstacle-based structure looks to create a gauntlet of hell that will pit you and your reactions against a whole host of gnarly looking creatures. That’s not all though, you will, of course, be doing all of it in style

In their description of the game, Dream Powered Games say that players will have access to abilities like slow motion time control, stomp, a grappling hook, a ranged melee that pushed enemies back, and the ability to spin 360° and do backflips. It’s fair to say subtlety isn’t going to be Warcry: Challenges biggest strength. Instead, it’s all about lightning-fast destruction and precision. 

You won’t be doing these challenges just to try and beat the game either. No, instead you are going to be taking on the world as leaderboards will be in place for you to try and climb up to prove you're the most skilled player taking on these challenges.

Warcry: Challenges feels like it could be a winning formula for those looking for ultra-skilled first-person action. With so many levels and gauntlets to run, there seems like there will be a lot of room for mastery of each of the levels. If you love speed, gore, and shaving off milliseconds to get the perfect run, Warcry: Challenges could be perfect for you. 

If you are interested in Warcry: Challenges, you can now wishlist the game on Steam

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