Want to play Rock Band 2 songs in Rock Band 3? It'll cost ya

It makes sense that you should be able to play songs you paid for when you bought Rock Band 2 in Rock Band 3. But should you have to pay again for the privilege? According to an interview with Harmonix's John Drake, the export feature that allowed gamers to save out tracks from Rock Band and play them in Rock Band 2 will return for the majority of songs (hopefully all, if licensing issues can be solved). For a small fee, as before.

On the plus side, this option will be available for all three console versions, so even Wii owners will be able to export tracks to an SD card and play them in the new game.

Above: It'll be interesting to see what the game does to songs that don't contain keyboard parts

There are ways to get around it if you don't feel like paying.Firstly, you could export the tracks from Rock Band 2 and then trade-in the disc version, keeping the songs on your hard drive (probably naughty, but that would cover the export cost). Or, if you don't want to pay to export Rock Band 2 songs out of principle, you could always justplay Rock Band 2. Crazy idea, but it just might work.

John also suggested that DLC tracks that work with the all-new 'Pro Mode' may cost a little more due to the extra work that's needed to code them into the game. It's all sounding like a lot of microtransactions, but at least you're only paying for what you actually want. Just try not to want it all.

07 Sep, 2010


Justin Towell

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