Wanda and Darcy face a new danger in Scarlet Witch #4 preview

Scarlet Witch stares out at the reader.
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Wanda Maximoff's life is very different these days. Having more-or-less atoned for her crimes and misdemeanours, she now works at the Emporium, a witchcraft shop in Lotkill, New York, where she serves tea, talismans and tries to help those in need. 

As part of that plan she has conjured the Last Door, a very special spell designed to connect her with those in the direst need. Well, by the looks of things that includes Wanda's colleague, Darcy Lewis, who appears to have angered someone with godlike powers.

After showing up briefly at the end of the last issue, Scarlet Witch #4 properly introduces us to new foe, Scythia of the Bacchae. 

Check out an exclusive preview of the new issue below, including Russell Dauterman's cover.

Although Wanda refers to the Bacchae as, "a secret society that protects women and the abused", that doesn't seem to be the case here, with Queen Scythia torching the Emporium, and clutching an unconscious Darcy. 

Scarlet Witch #4 is written by Steve Orlando, drawn by Sara Pichelli, colored by Matthew Wilson, and lettered by VC's Cory Petit. 

Darcy was, of course, originally created for the MCU where she is played by Kat Dennings. The character made the leap to comics with this series, debuting back in January. As revealed in Scarlet Witch #2, she was one of the first people to step through the Last Door, suggesting that she is in deadly danger. She's been keeping the reasons for that secret, but it looks like we might be about to find out why...

Scarlet Witch #4 is out on April 5 from Marvel Comics.

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