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The Walking Dead hits Vita this week

The Walking Dead season one and DLC episode 400 Days will be released on Vita in the US on Tuesday, Sony has announced. Whether the title will hit the European PlayStation Store this week isn’t yet clear, but we should know by tomorrow at the latest when the digital marketplace receives its regular content update.

Those who’ve already played The Walking Dead on another platform may be convinced to pick it up again on Vita given the inclusion of an additional set of Trophies. Vita players will be able to play the game with analogue controls and face buttons, or opt for touchscreen-only controls.

The 400 Days add-on acts as something of a bridge between season one of the series and season two, which is set to launch later this year. The DLC uses information from the player's saved game from the first season, while decisions made within 400 Days will continue into season two. Here’s what we want to see in The Walking Dead season two.