Walden go Cold

If the past six years of cinema have proved anything, it’s that action-fantasy + kids = box office gold. After the wildly successful Chronicles Of Narnia, co-producers Walden Media have been quick to hoover up another set of magical tales.

Isabel Allende’s trilogy of novels centre on young adventurer, Alexander Cold, and kick off with City Of The Beasts. Alex is hanging around in the Amazon rainforests, spending the summer with his archaeologist grandmother - who is hot on the trail of the mythical Amazon Yeti.

15 year old Alex and his 12 year old buddy Nadia Santos brave the hidden dangers of the forest and go exploring, only to find themselves in the clutches of the people of the mist. They are dragged deep into the mountains, into the lost city of El Dorado and come face to face with mythical beasts never before seen by human eyes.

Walden Media executive Vice President of Production Alex Schwartz commented: “Isabel's trilogy follows in the grand tradition of Narnia as thrilling fantasy epics that are ideally suited to become successful family franchises.”

The first instalment will be produced by Barrie Osborne (The Lord Of The Rings trilogy); David Rothenberg will scribble the adaptation and also co-produce.

City Of The Beasts was published in 2002; the second book in the trilogy, Kingdom Of The Golden Dragon followed in 2004; and the third, Forest Of The Pygmies hit the shelves last year.

For more info on the books or the author, check out her site here .

Source: ( isabelallende.com )