Walden, Fox and The Henson team entertain The Doubtful Guest

With a distinctive, creepy and unsettling style, you might not be directly familiar with Edward Gorey’s work, but chances are you’ve seen something influenced by him. Tim Burton and Nine Inch Nails have all used his work for inspiration and now Walden Media has picked him as their latest source material.

Joining forces with Fox 2000 and The Henson Company, Walden will adapt the illustrator-author’s tale The Doubtful Guest into a live-action adventure that will also feature plenty of CG creatures. The plot finds a family’s life thrown into chaos when a strange creature arrives in their home, bringing trouble with him. "It's hard to come up with a creature that you've never seen before in any medium, and he's a unique little creation who is very appealing without being cute or cloying," Lisa Henson told The Hollywood Reporter . "He's sophisticated yet simple at the same time, but it's not overly juvenile. Adults can find him cute, too."

So… you don’t want to be too cute, but adults will find him cute? Riiight.

Brad Peyton is stepping up to direct his first full-length film, working from a script by Matthew Huffman, but there’s no start date yet.

Source: ( Hollywood Reporter )

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