Waking's emotional new trailer debuts on the Future Games Show

Solo dev Jason Oda's "uniquely personal" Waking has premiered a brand new and exclusive trailer during the Future Games Show on Saturday. 

The third-person indie title takes you inside the mind of a person dying and who is comatose. As you guide yourself away from the "light" of death, you'll be able to summon memories of loved ones to help fight off enemies whose goal is to keep you from ever waking up.

A description for the game expands: "Locked in the darkness of a coma, you dream. In the recesses of your mind, voices call you home, beckoning you towards the light and the void beyond. But it is not your time. Not yet."

Gameplay in Waking involves exploring plenty of hazy, surreal environments and hacking away at some seriously unsettling and creatively-designed monsters. And if the game's effective at inducing deep self-reflection, you might find yourself in a meditative state in the real world. According to the Steam description, Waking seeks to infuse your gameplay experience with your real-world experiences, fears, and desires.

The new trailer shows off new gameplay, giving us a great sense  effectively portraying the weighty, contemplative theme of Waking. The indie title developed solely by Oda is coming to Xbox One and PC via Steam June 18, and be sure to stick with GamesRadar for more news on Waking. 

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Jordan Gerblick

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