Wakanda is in chaos in Ultimate Black Panther #2

Ultimate Black Panther #2
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Ultimate Black Panther #2 escalates the conflict that started in Ultimate Black Panther #1, with T'Challa scouring his kingdom for whoever is responsible for his father's death in the attack on Wakanda that happened at the end of the first issue.

Now, in this preview of Ultimate Black Panther #2, T'Challa and his queen, Okoye, struggle with some of the decisions the king has made in the time since the attack, which threaten to tear Wakanda asunder.

"Wakanda bangs the drums of war! After Moon Knight's forces attack the stronghold of Wakanda, T'Challa can no longer resist Shuri and the Dora Milaje's calls to action," reads Marvel's solicitation for Ultimate Black Panther #2. 

"Grieving and enraged, Black Panther demands to know who has been leaking information about Wakanda to their enemy…and the source shocks him to his core. And a prophecy about T'Challa threatens to upend the war and all of Wakandan life!"

Here's a gallery of pages from Ultimate Black Panther #2 by writer Bryan Hill, artist Stefano Caselli, colorist David Curiel, and letterer Cory Petit, along with the issue's main cover by Caselli and Curiel:

Ultimate Black Panther #1 established a version of Wakanda that's not too far off from the core Marvel Universe version, in which T'Challa reigns as king over the still hidden nation, and his sister Shuri is a tech genius.

There are a few key differences though. As stated, T'Challa is actually married to Okoye, who is retired from the Dora Milaje. And Wakanda's big enemy is the empire of Ra and Khonshu, ruled over by Moon Knight, who is actually two people sharing the name. Meanwhile, Storm and Killmonger are actually freedom fighters against Moon Knight and their forces.

Ultimate Black Panther #2 goes on sale March 13.

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