Wait, did the BBC use Thief art to illustrate a story about a hacker?

Well, this is weird. The BBC appear to have used a repurposed bit of Thief art for astoryabout Finnish hacker Julius Kivimaki, who's been found guilty of "50,700 instances of aggravated computer break-ins".

It's not just a copy, or 'a bit similar' either, it's the actual Thief art as noticed by imgurianAthilmo. The image only appears on the front page of the site, not in the story itself and it's already dropped into a second place slot. Here's Athilmo's original comparison when it was originally noticed:

And if, for some reason, you're still not convinced then here's a close up where you can clearly still see Garret in the background. Curiously, a reverse image search for the shot only turns up the BBC as a source. Did it make it?

UPDATE: GR reader Andrew has pointed out that this stock image (here) that's clearly a dubious reworking of the original art. Check out the GIF of the two together below. Weirdly, it's still not the actual image used by the BBC suggesting that it's not the only version of the game's art.

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