Vote in the SFX Reader Awards 2006

Voted yet? If not, you have less than a month to go! (but if you're waiting to see what the Doctor Who Christmas special is like, we understand). Voting closes on 2 January 2007.

Last year Serenity and Doctor Who swept the board. This year, Joss Whedon has been largely off the scene and new TV shows like Life On Mars and Supernatural have been winning over legions of fans, so nothing is a foregone conclusion.

On TV, Battlestar Galactica continues to impress while Lost continues to baffle. On the big screen, there's been a real mixed bag, with all the blockbusters – Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Superman Returns and X-Men 3 coming in for as much criticism as praise. The field is wide open. Could an outsider like Slither or V for Vendetta take the crown?

With no new (adult) Pratchett or Harry Potter novels this year the book award should also be an exciting battle. Will Robert Rankin's fans finally mobilise and give him a win? Or have our five star reviews convinced you to seek out titles like Jon Courtenay Grimwood's End of the World Blues?

So what are you waiting for? Get voting! The categories are listed below and there are three ways you can get your nominations to us:

You can send your nominations to .

You can post your nomination on the SFX forum HERE!

Or you can post your nominations to:

SFX Reader Awards
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The categories:

Best Film
Best Film Actor
Best Film Actress
Best Film Director
Best TV Show
Best TV Episode (two-parters count as one)
Best TV Actor
Best TV Actress
Best Novel
Best Non-Fiction Book
Best Game
Best Comic
Sexiest Woman
Sexiest Man
Hall of Fame (please nominate an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to SF in 2006)
Hall of Shame (please nominate an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to SF in 2006)
The Life On Mars "Shut It" Award – who needs to be gagged?

Nominations close on 2 January 2007.