VOTE! Your Favourite Ghost Stories

Help us out with a major feature for the next SFX Special

Readers! We need you! (Hey, we always need you. Without you, we’re nothing but a bunch of science fiction journalists weeping in a corner.) But we need you specifically for our next SFX Special, which is going to be all abut the paranormal. Woooo! (Cough.)

Yes indeed, our next special – to keep us in the spinechilling vibe created by the Ian Berriman-edited Zombie special, on sale now – is going to be all about ghosts and hauntings. We’ll be revealing more content as we get closer to the release date of 23 November, but for now we’d love YOU to get involved and tell us your favourite 10 ghost stories for our MASSIVE Top 50 Ghost Stories… Ever! feature, be they novels, short stories, films or episodes of TV shows.

Maybe you’re a fan of Robert Wise’s classic 1963 shocker The Haunting – or its literary forebear, The Haunting of Hill House , by Shirley Jackson. Maybe MR James’ “Oh, Whistle, My Lad, And I’ll Come To You” fits the bill. Perhaps the Supernatural episode “Roadkill” gives you the willies over all else (it’s one of Jordan’s favourites). Could Susan Hill’s classic The Woman In Black break you out in goosebumps? Or, just possibly, the evergreen Ghostbusters meets your criteria of a cracking (comedy) chiller. The field’s wide open – and we want to know your top 10 favourites. If you also want to pen a couple of lines on one or two of your picks you’ll get a quote in the mag, too, if your entry makes it in.

So what are you waiting for? Send your top 10 ghost stories to by Monday 17 th October and help us compile the definitive top 50 ghost stories ever for the SFX Paranormal Special. Spook!

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