Visceral Games may be working on free-to-play PC MOBA

Visceral Games, the Electronic Arts developer behind Dead Space and Dante's Inferno, may be looking at League of Legends for inspiration in its next game. IGN dug up several job listings from the developer for an upcoming project which stipulated experience with free-to-play multiplayer online battle arenas such as LoL andDota 2.

The listings for a global community manager, game designer, and character concept artist position ask for an "unhealthy passion for MOBA games" and "work experience on MOBA, action RTS, action RPG, or related genres," and that the work will be on an "upcoming PC action title," respectively. The community manager listing notes the position will be part of EA's Play4Free publishing team.

No other details on the project, or even if these positions will all end up working together, were given. The listings state Visceral Games has "a mandate to make original IP" as an EA studio, though that doesn't mean it will necessarily do so with this specific project.

Connor Sheridan

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