Visceral Games dev molds Dead Space 2 in Minecraft

Michael Noonan is a gameplay engineer for Dead Space 2 who also happens to have an affinity (and talent) for Minecraft. Recently, whether as a result of madness or newfound free time, Noonan fused his career with his hobby to create 'Deadcraft' %26ndash; the greatest, blockiest Dead Space 2 trailer you never saw.

Minecraft videos aren't all that impressive to watch until one considers the sheer amount of work it takes to make, mine, shape or mold the simplest of props or environments. Unlike other creation games, everything in Minecraft has to be earned or made from scratch, and an example of this digital toiling is the effort it took Noonan to craft something as simple as the letter blocks at the base of his 52m 'Marker'.

%26ldquo;Turns out you can't dye already placed blocks, so I had to climb around, mine out a row of wool, dye it, then place it back in. That was kind of annoying to do, I was expecting to just be able to run around it clicking, so I didn't coat the whole thing in letters. Once I had it all set up the way I wanted I changed the base color of every block to red and slapped Killvetica text on top of it and this is the final result," explains Noonan on his YouTube page.

Damn. And here I thought I was cool because I could make a koopa move in Mario Paint

Jan 31, 2011

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