Virtua Fighter 5 steps up to PS3

Monday 8 May 2006
Sega has revealed that the much-loved Virtua Fighter series will return for a fifth time in 2007, but now as an exclusive PS3 title.

Named Virtua Fighter 5, the game will feature 17 playable polygon-built warriors including two new characters. El Blaze is a Mexican fighting champion who relies on the speed of his lucha libre fighting style to take down his foes, while martial arts expert Eileen prefers her monkey kung fu technique taught by her dear old granddad.

Whichever warrior your prefer, each one will be customisable thanks to a prize money system that will see your blood money earned in competition and combat turned into new costumes and a wide range of extra items.

Above: Every warrior will be customisable with new costumes and a wide range of extra items.

Fighters will also be able to use a new side-on attack called the 'offensive move', which Sega claims will add a new strategic element as you attempt to strike your foe in the flank.

We'll hope to have more from the floor of the show once E3 gets underway but, until then, calm yourself by clicking on the images tab above for the first shots of Virtua Fighter 5 in all its 720p hi-def glory.