Virtua Fighter 5 coming to Xbox 360

That's right folks, the mass exhalation you heard this morning was the legions of Virtua Fighter fans reacting to Sega's announcement that Virtua Fighter 5 will be coming to the Xbox 360. The latest entry in Sega's venerable martial arts series was previously announced as a PS3 exclusive, but now Virtua votaries won't be compelled to seek out a PS3 to get their Fighter fix. 360 owners will have to wait until "late summer 2007" to enter the arena, while PS3 owners need only wait until February 20, 2007 to muck it up - a scant two months away.

Wondering how many kinds of awesome Virtua Fighter 5 will be bringing to your console of choice? Read our most recenthands-on previewof the PS3 version. Though there are only PS3 pictures to peep, you know we'll hook you up 360 style just as soon as we can. Because we care.

Above: Eileen expresses her feelings about El Blaze's masked visage as these two new characters get their feet wet in the arcade version of VF5

December 21, 2006