Vince Vaughn taking a trip to Old St. Louis?


We’ve not seen much of Vince Vaughn since the mess that was Couples Retreat , but that could all be about to change thanks to a potential collaboration with Three Kings helmer David O. Russell.

Deadline reports that the pair are all but confirmed to team-up for family saga Old St. Louis , with Vaughn assuming a double-role as both star and producer.

The film will be based around a script written by Russell himself, with Vaughn playing a travelling salesman whose life is turned upside-down when he reconnects with his estranged daughter. Chloe Moretz’s name is being touted around as the aforementioned sprog, although at this stage that’s no more than speculation.

All of which sounds like a fairly good fit for Vaughn. We can easily picture him fine-tuning his usual motormouth routine into a salesman’s patter, before grudgingly dealing with his family baggage.

It also sounds like it might be more of a challenge than the usual frat-pack fare he’s been turning up in for the last decade or so. We know he can do a bit more than high-speed wisecracking, and this could be just the vehicle to remind everyone of that fact.

Our only reservation is that it all sounds a bit conventional on paper, with a worrying chance of “life lessons” being learned from a precocious child. However, Russell is a fairly subversive influence ( I Heart Huckabees anyone?), so it’s probably safe to assume that things won’t get too happy-clappy.

Looking forward to seeing Vince again, or have the frat-pack had their day?

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