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Viking: Battle for Asgard - savagery never looked so good

Oct 5, 2007

Really bloody brutal. That's how we'd describe Viking: Battle for Asgard. Really bloody beautiful, however, is how we'd describe thefirst clutch of shots from the Creative Assembly developed PS3 and 360 game that's shaping up to be one of 2008's most exciting prospects.

We saw Viking a couple of months ago and its barbaric brilliance absolutely blew the horns off our helmet. Its fantasy-flavoured world looks gorgeous, while the scale of its battles promise to be nothing short of epic. And, of course, cutting a path of mucky dismemberment through swathes of formidable enemies is just the kind of delicious skirmishing almost guaranteed to put froth on any mans mead.

And don't for a minute think that Viking is a meat-headed hack-and-slasher. Smart-thinking strategy will be required to overcome the odds, which seem impossibly stacked against the game's hulking warrior hero, Skarin. His positioning in pivotal areas of the battlefield will channel the tide of bloodshed in his favour, while his ability to make banquet fodder out of formidable high-ranking foes will be vital to achieving victory over the mighty armies of disgruntled Nordic goddess, Hel.

Due for release early next year, Viking: Battle of Asgard may not be one of the high profile prospects of 2008, but it really, really deserves attention. Indeed, the blend of super-sharp visuals, sharp-edged savagery and sharp-minded battlefield acumen promises to make this as tasty as any feast Odin's wenches might care to serve in Valhalla. Mmmmm... wenches.