Viewtiful Joe and Dormammu confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3

Hot out of Gamescom, Capcom justunveiled two new combatants headed to the MvC3 arena. Henshin a go-go, baby! It%26rsquo;s Viewtiful Joe, confirmed for landing! (Even though attentive fans probablyalready saw himteased in a previous trailer.) The oddball this time around is Dormammu, noted mystical nemesis of Doctor Strange. He%26rsquo;s a rather obscure choice when compared with the rest of Marvel%26rsquo;s roster thus far, especially once you consider that this brings the confirmed character count to eighteen, which not only fills out all of the promotional silhouettes we%26rsquo;ve been teased with, but also more than makes up half the of the 30 promised fighters.

Whatevs, there%26rsquo;s more than enough room for a wildcard. And Dormammu%26rsquo;s announcement makes thatleaked character list we reported oneven more suspect due to his omission, so there are probably plenty more surprises coming our way. Check out some of our favorite shots fromtoday's batch of new screens below ORorsee them all right here!

Above: Joe hands the God of Thunder his ass

Above: Dormy's not above calling on the powers of the Nether Realm

Aug 18, 2010