Video: Man of Steel Spoiler-Filled Analysis

Man of Steel (opens in new tab) may be a commercial success ( it broke June weekend box office records (opens in new tab) ), but its reaction from critics and cinemagoers has been polarising to say the least.

For as many people who have loved its bombastic mix of CGI action, origin story and Henry Cavill's imposing personification (read: pin-perfect physical replica) of the comics legend, there have been some who have been disappointed by what they perceive to be a loud, souless mess.

The official Total Film review (opens in new tab) outlines its strengths and weaknesses, but we decided to hash it out in the old-fashioned fanboy way - sitting around a table and debating until our faces turned blue.

But what do YOU think?

Watch the video below, and let us know who's side you're on in the comments below!