Valheim Hildir's Quest Walkthrough

Valheim Hildir’s Quest
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The Valheim Hildir’s Quest update has arrived, so it’s time to start looking for Hildir’s Camp. It’s not easy to find, but once you do, you can start Hildir’s Quest (also known as Hildir’s Request), which will unlock new clothes for your character. Even better, Hildir’s Quest will lead you to three new dungeons, including the Smouldering Tomb, Howling Cavern, and Sealed Tower.

Here’s how to find Hildir, including a Hildir’s Camp seed, and how to find the dungeons. 

We can also help you get the Valheim Midsummer Crown and Maypole as well if you want more new stuff. 

Hildir’s Quest Overview 

Hildir’s Quest Overview

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Hildir’s Quest contains new crafting stations, new items, a new merchant (Hildir), new dungeons, and new mini bosses. As that sounds quite complex, here’s an overview of the steps: 

  1. Find Hildir. Although the game won’t reveal her location, she’s somewhere in the Meadows biome.
  2. Speak to Hildir. If you wish, you can already buy some of her wares, such as the Barber Kit. This will unlock a crafting station called the Barber Station.
  3. Find the three new dungeons. This includes the Smouldering Tomb in the Black Forest, the Howling Cavern in the Mountains, and the Sealed Tower in the Plains. 
  4. Defeat the mini bosses inside those dungeons. The bosses will drop a brass, bronze, or silver chest.
  5. Bring the chests to Hildir. Each chest will update her inventory with a variety of new clothing. Beware that you can’t transport the chests through portals, so you’ll have to use a ship. 

And that’s how to complete Hildir’s Quest in Valheim. Easier said than done, but don’t worry; we’ll walk you through this process in more detail below.

How to find Hildir’s Camp in Valheim

Valheim Hildir’s Quest location

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First things first, you need to find Hildir in order to start Hildir’s Quest. Just like the trader Haldor, Hildir’s brother, Hildir has a hidden camp somewhere on the map. A freshly generated world comes with several potential spawn locations for this camp, but the first one you find will become Hildir’s permanent location in that world.

Hildir’s camp location is somewhere in the Meadows, but typically quite far away from the original spawn point in the centre of the map, so be on the lookout for remote patches of Meadows biome. Thanks to its many tents and the two big loxes, the camp is quite large and easy to spot. Keep an eye on your mini map as well; once you get close enough, Hildir’s Camp will appear as a shirt icon. 

Hildir’s Camp seed 

Valheim Hildir’s Quest

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If you don’t want to search for Hildir’s Camp yourself, here’s how to find it using the ‘Hildir’ world seed (yes, just her name - don’t forget to capitalise the first letter!). Starting from the spawn point, move east towards coordinates 3500, -200. You’ll find Hildir on a small patch of Meadows biome on the northern part of the island. 

Hildir’s Request - Smouldering Tomb

Valheim Hildir’s Quest

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To obtain Hildir’s Brass Chest, you need to clear the Smouldering Tomb in the Black Forest. The entrance to a Smouldering Tomb looks quite similar to ‘normal’ Black Forest dungeons, the Burial Chambers, but with two burning torches on each side. The name ‘Smouldering Tomb’ will appear on your screen when you enter.

Inside the Smouldering Tomb, you’ll find fairly common skeleton enemies. Keep clearing rooms and hallways until you find a larger area that’s home to Brenna, the dungeon’s sword-wielding, fiery skeleton boss. The Staff of Frost is particularly effective against this boss, but a blunt weapon, such as an iron mace, is also quite good. Just make sure you keep your distance, as a shield may block Brenna’s sword but not the fire damage.

Hildir’s Request - Howling Cavern

Valheim Hildir’s Quest

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To find Hildir’s Silver Chest, travel to the Mountains biome and look for the Howling Cavern dungeon. The entrance will look like a regular Frost Cave, but larger. If you’re unsure whether it’s a Frost Cave or Howling Cavern, head inside to see the name.

Directly after entering, destroy the wall of ice to access the rest of the Howling Cavern, and be prepared to fight a bunch of regular bats and Ulv enemies. You’ll likely have to search a lot of tunnels and rooms before you find the boss; a large, ice-blasting Ulv called Geirrhafa. 

Geirrhafa uses melee attacks, swinging his claws, as well as a rather dangerous ice-blasting attack. The latter has quite a lot of range, but Geirrhafa can only blast it in a straight forwards line, which provides you with an opportunity to attack him from the side. You may defeat him with normal melee weapons, but the Staff of Embers, which shoots fireballs, is especially effective. 

Hildir’s Request - Sealed Tower

Valheim Hildir’s Quest

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Find the Sealed Tower dungeon in the Plains biome to retrieve Hildir’s Bronze Chest. Unlike the previous two dungeons, the Sealed Tower is a massive building in the open air - which is great, because that means it’s very easy to spot. 

What’s less great, however, is the lack of an entrance. The only way to enter the Sealed Tower is by building stairs against the walls (wooden stairs are the steepest) until you reach the top. You then need to work your way to the bottom of the tower to find the boss, while defeating a lot of regular Fulings along the way. Beware that the main danger is the Sealed Tower’s height rather than its Fuling population - be careful not to fall! 

The Sealed Tower boss, or rather the Sealed Tower bosses, are a large mace-wielding Fuling and a tiny mage Fuling called Zil & Thungr. The large Fuling (Thungr) will use melee attacks against you, while the tiny one (Zil) will fire elemental magic from atop Thungr’s neck. Zil will occasionally cast a blue shield, which makes both Zil & Thungr invulnerable. Wait for the shield to disappear before you attack again.

The best way to defeat the Sealed Tower boss is by using ranged weapons. Shoot arrows or blast Eitr magic from the bottom of the spiral stairs, and before Zil & Thungr can hit you, run upstairs. Repeat this until the big Fuling is down.

Beware, however, that there’s a second phase to this fight. Once the big Fuling is down, you still need to fight the tiny mage. He’s much more vulnerable to melee damage, but beware of his powerful elemental blasts. It’s still best to wait out his elemental attacks on the staircase, then return to land some melee hits immediately afterwards. 

Return to Hildir with the final chest, and you’ve completed Hildir’s Request. You’re free to buy all the fancy Viking clothes you like. 

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