How to get the Valheim Midsummer Crown and Maypole

Valheim Midsummer Crown
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It’s Midsummer time in Valheim, which means it’s time to get a Valheim Midsummer Crown and craft a bunch of Maypoles. The Midsummer items are time-limited, so make sure you find your way to the workbench before the Midsummer season ends!

Whether you’re after the flowery Midsummer Crown or the useful comfort-boosting Maypole, here’s how to get the Valheim Midsummer items. And if you're struggling with Valheim Hildir's Quest, check out the information we have there. 

What are Valheim Midsummer items?

Valheim Midsummer Maypole

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Valheim has a bunch of seasonal items that are only available for a limited time. You may have seen the classic Yule Hats during Christmas or the scary Jack-O-Lanterns during Halloween, and now it’s time for Midsummer-themed flower crowns and Maypoles. Here’s what to expect from the Midsummer items:

  • Midsummer Crown: head armour with an armour rating of 1. It doesn’t provide any special effects, but it looks fabulous
  • Maypole: a craftable structure that provides a comfort level of 1. It’s very useful to have one near your base, as it will boost your resting bonus. 

The Midsummer items were enabled in June 2023, and will likely remain available for several weeks. Just like last year’s Midsummer items, the Maypoles will probably stay in place once the Midsummer season ends. 

How to get the Valheim Midsummer Crown

Valheim Midsummer Crown and Maypole

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It’s fairly easy to craft a Valheim Midsummer Crown, as you only need ten Dandelions, the little yellow flowers commonly found in the Meadows biome. They’re occasionally dropped by Greydwarf too, but going on a Greydwarf hunt would be much more time-consuming than simply taking a stroll through the Meadows. Picking up a Dandelion will automatically unlock the Midsummer Crown crafting recipe.

Once you have ten Dandelions, head back to your Workbench and create the Midsummer Crown. You don’t need any crafting station upgrades for this, and there aren’t any upgrades available. Needless to say; wear a proper helmet rather than a Midsummer Crown during a boss fight.

How to find a Valheim Maypole

Valheim Midsummer Crown and Maypole

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Although the best way to get a Valheim Maypole is to craft one during the Midsummer season, they’re actually still available as procedurally generated structures during the rest of the year. While the seasonal Midsummer variant can be placed wherever you like, the procedurally generated Maypoles are only found in abandoned villages in the Meadows biome.

Beware that these “natural Maypoles” are incredibly rare, which is why it’s highly recommended to craft them during Midsummer rather than search for them. Most worlds only generate one Maypole in total, if any at all. 

If you’re still set on finding a Maypole, it’s best to use a good Valheim Maypole seed. This seed, for example, has a Maypole directly north of the spawn point, with no water in between: WBBY6vFDaM.

How to craft a Maypole in Valheim

Valheim Midsummer Crown and Maypole

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Let’s make our Valheim homes a bit cosier, shall we? Here’s the Maypole crafting recipe:

  • Dandelion x4
  • Thistle x4
  • Wood x10

As mentioned in the Midsummer Crown crafting recipe above, you can pick some Dandelions in the Meadows biome. Thistles are found in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes, recognisable by their faint blue glow. Chop a bit of wood (any type), and you’re all set.

To craft and place the Maypole, equip your Hammer and choose the Furniture menu. Select the Maypole and place it in the desired spot. It’s best to put it as close as possible to your base, preferably near to your bed, as you need to be within a few metres of the Maypole to benefit from its +1 comfort level.

In case you’re wondering, Maypoles don’t suffer from rain damage, so there’s no need to repair them. That said, it’s highly recommended to protect your Maypole from enemies by building a defensive structure around it. If an angry troll finds it after the Midsummer season has ended, you won’t be able to rebuild your Maypole until next year’s Midsummer items are enabled. 

How to get a Valheim Midsummer Crown and Maypole with cheats

Of course, you don’t have to craft a Maypole and Midsummer crown - you can also enable cheats and use a console command to spawn the Midsummer items. If so, these are the codes you should use:

  • Midsummer Crown: HelmetMidsummerCrown
  • Maypole: Piece_Maypole

And that’s everything you need to know about Valheim Midsummer items. Have fun wearing that Midsummer Crown while dancing around your new Maypole! 

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