Valheim goes Midsommar - but in a much less gruesome way

Valheim flower crown midsummer evet
(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

The latest Valheim patch has introduced new content which is all themed around Midsummer - the annual event and not the horror film, thankfully. 

Revealed via Steam, the Valheim 0.209.8 patch introduces a few pieces of new content, some fixes and improvements, and details around Steam Cloud saves. First up, let’s talk about the new content coming to the survival game. In this update, we’re getting a Maypole, which can be enabled in the building menu, new banner colors (orange, white, yellow, and purple), but perhaps most excitingly we’re getting some flower crowns. 

Moving onto the patch’s fixes, there’s too many to list here, but there are definitely some important ones. Once players have updated the game, Valheim will run on Unity version 2020.3.33 which, according to the notes, should reduce crashes. Also found in the patch notes are fixes to tamed animals which can now follow players into Haldor’s forcefield, Yagluth’s hair will also no longer fly around in the air, the inventory keyboard UI hint has also been fixed along with a few others. 

The rest of the patch notes focus on Steam Cloud saves. According to Valheim’s developer, Iron Gate Studio: "You as a player should not need to do anything, and the saves should be moved automatically. However, for this patch, we do advise people to make backups of your saves, just in case." 

There’s apparently a bug with Steam Cloud saves which would cause players to lose progress if they were playing on multiple accounts on the same PC. To fix this, Iron Gate Studio has made a few changes to how the game saves to avoid running into this issue. 

Since releasing the 0.209.8 patch though, we've also been given the 0.209.8 patch which fixes a minor saving issue that sneaked in via the previous patch. Make sure to look at both of these updates to fully understand the changes Iron Gate Studio has made to the game. 

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