Valentine's Day gift ideas for gamers

You're in love, you lucky thing. But how can you demonstrate that love in a way that means something without being tacky? Well, if the subject of your affections is a gamer, we can help with that. Just find out if they love Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox and see if any of the following suggestions suit your love (and your budget).

General gaming gifts

On the left is the Shadow Moses Self Storage Metal Gear Solid T-shirt: $30.80/£22 from Insert Coin, and on the right is the amazing 'Controller Kitty' (like Hello Kitty) 'girly-fit' T-shirt from Insert Coin, also $30.80/£22.

The Street Fighter-themed 'Ryu of Hearts' T-shirt on the left is £19.99 from Yellow Bulldog (which is a UK company but it ships worldwide), and on the right is the Banjo Kazooie Music Academy T-shirt, which is $30.80/£22 from Insert Coin.

If your love is old enough (and British enough) to remember the Commodore 64, then a Visual Commpendium of C64 classics from Bitmap Books will make them smile. It's $36.60/£24.99 and exclusive to Funstock.

Nintendo gifts

These things are adorable. Even if your love doesn't have a Wii U or an amiibo-compatible 3DS, they'll love a knitted Pink Yarn Yoshi amiibo: $16 from Amazon US or £12.94 from Amazon UK. Or a Blue Yarn Yoshi amiibo: $16.98 from Amazon US or £10.69 from Amazon UK. Oh look! They do them in green too: $15.90 from Amazon US or £13.99 from Amazon UK. But the big one (literally) is the Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo, which is $48.11 from Amazon US or £31.16 from Amazon UK. It's much bigger, but just as woolly as the small ones. And yet it still works as an amiibo: the NFC gubbins is in its foot. How adorable.

If your love is a fan of Smash Bros on Wii U, a character-themed, wired fight pad will go down nicely: $19.97 from Amazon US or £14.65 from Amazon UK.

PlayStation gifts

This is a Limited Edition 20th Anniversary DualShock 4: $78.99 from Amazon US, £59.80 from Amazon UK or GAME (also UK). Yes, it's an expensive gift, but these things are SO COOL they'll love you forever. And of course, if that means they'll have two controllers, that means you can play too! Everyone's a winner.

Pretty much every PlayStation fan loves Journey. 'The Traveler' scarf (inspired by Journey) is $56/£40 from Insert Coin and the Rythulian Hoodie (also inspired by Journey) is $56/£40 from Insert Coin.

Xbox gifts

This Halo 5 Master Chief Official Xbox One controller is perfect for playing Halo, but of course it works for any game. It's $72.30 from Amazon US or £57.48 from Amazon UK.

This 3rd-party Star Wars X-Wing Official Xbox One licensed wired controller is $43.50 from Amazon US or £22.25 from Amazon UK.

And finally, these officially-licensed Star Wars headsets for Xbox One are brill. Make sure your betrothed has either a new-model Xbox One controller (with a 3.5mm jack socket) or a headset adaptor if they have the older model. On the left is the Turtle Beach Star Wars Battlefront Sandtrooper Gaming Headset which is £67.54 from Amazon UK. On the right is the Turtle Beach - Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Gaming Headset, which is $76.47 from Amazon US or £35.39 from Amazon UK.

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