Uwe Boll: Spielberg is sloppy

Dungeon Siege and BloodRayne movie director, Uwe Boll, has lashed out atStephen Spielberg - pittinghis film, an adaptation of videogame Postal, against the new Indiana Jones flick.

In an email sent to horror websiteBloody Disgusting, Boll said: "On the Indiana Jones weekend - May 23 - we will go out and destroy Indiana Jones in the Box Office! We all know that Harrison Ford is older as my grandpa and his time is up - would Michael Moore say!" This is not a misquote, but simply one example of an ocean of grammatical hilarity that is the internet rantings of "Dr." Boll.

Surprisingly, he does win some credibility with us by calling War of the Worlds sloppy (it is), but then loses it again when he says, "My performance in Postal as 'Nazi Theme Park Owner' outperforms easily Ben Kingsley in Schindler's List!" Let's just disregard the obvious falsity of the statement and instead point out that Kingsley has acted for Boll himself in BloodRayne.

We're guessing thenthat the possibility of a Boll adaptation of Boom Blox is off the table. And it's doubtful Kingsley will be coming back to work with such a "respectful" director.

At this point, it seems impossible to take Boll seriously. We're betting that this is just a desperate attempt to drum up attention since Dungeon Siege tanked so horribly at the box office.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 5, 2008