Up next for Bungie: Peter Jackson

Sept 13, 2007

Bungie's Frank O'Connor has revealed the developer's immediate plans now that Halo 3 is out of its hands.

In an interview with ShackNews, O'Connor explained, "We're working on downloadable content for Halo 3. It'll be multiplayer stuff--the kind of things people expect, the kind of schedule you can guess. Unfortunately some people are already back from their post-ship vacations and working on that."

He adds that the developer already sees that there'll be a need for more smaller symmetrical maps in the multiplayer offering.

The schedule of when extra stuff will be released is a lot more open thanks to the wonders of Live. "Marketplace gives us a much better system to distribute stuff [than Xbox Live on Xbox]. With Xbox it was cool that we could tinker, but it wasn't as easy. Now, a lot of the stuff that was difficult for us is gone. I think it will be, if not more frequent, more predictable and smoother."

So what's next? "Of course, after that we're working on the Peter Jackson project. Not much more to say about that, except that it continues on pace. [Bungie producer] Curtis Creamer and [Bungie cinematics director] CJ Cowan were just driving a Warthog around New Zealand and one crashed into a wall. [laughs] They're built tough in real life too.

"Our next massive undertaking is the thing with Peter Jackson, but beyond that people are asking what we're going to do. Will we go back and do Myth, will we go back to Marathon? The honest answer is we don't know yet, but we're prototyping. We have some choices, and we have some cool ideas."

Read the full interviewhere.

Courtesy of CVG.