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Unreleased Sonic skateboarding game discovered on Xbox development unit

What is apparently gameplay footage from an unreleased Sonic skateboarding game called "Sonic Extreme" spun its way onto the net over the weekend, proving once again that slapping the word 'extreme' onto any popular franchise, activity or consumer good is a surefire way to guarantee that it will be anything but.

The unfinished game was discovered in a Microsoft Xbox development unit by US YouTuber ProtonX3, who has spent the last two days posting videos of the extremely unextreme Sonic racer.

This ill-fated Sonic Extreme for Xbox is not to be confused with the other ill-fated Sonic X-Treme game for the Sega Saturn which, had it not been canned in 1997, would have been the first 3D Sonic game for Sega's then new system. Perhaps a future Sonic xTreem, Sonic ExTrime or Sonic X-Tuream can break the curse?

[Source: ProtonX3 YouTube Channel]

May 2, 2011