Unreal developer: Secret new project revealed

Unreal Tournament co-developers Digital Extremes have revealed that they have secretly been working for the last two years on a new first-person shooter for Xbox and PC called Pariah - and today they've released its first ever screenshots.

Digital Extremes are promising that the game - which will be powered by the Unreal engine, natch - will feature a "robust" storyline (so presumably it won't break if you drop it) that combines survival elements with more traditional FPS action.

"After seeing Pariah in action and hearing the plans Digital Extremes has for it, we knew we had to be a part of it," reckons Jon Walsh, CEO of the title's US publisher Groove Games. "Digital Extremes has a tremendous track record for creating incredibly entertaining games, therefore we know how impressive Pariah is going to be when it's ready to be unleashed on the masses."

While there's been no mention as yet of a potential release date, Digital Extremes have revealed that "the game is already very far along" so it may even reach shelves this year. We're expecting a playable version of the game to be unveiled at the E3 games show in May.