Unlike Rockstar, the GTA RP team hasn’t forgotten about Red Dead Redemption 2: “Rest assured, we are not planning on abandoning RedM”

Red Dead Redemption 2
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The creators of Grand Theft Auto 5's most popular roleplay mod have reassured fans that they haven't forgotten about its Red Dead Redemption 2 cousin. 

In the latest edition of the community pulse – a space where the developer of FiveM and RedM,Cfx.re, answer fan questions at regular intervals – the team explains that the focus of previous blogs being on GTA 5 doesn't mean that Red Dead has been left in the dust.

"After last month's focus on FiveM, some of you have expressed concerns about our plans for RedM, as there was very little mention of it in last month's Pulse," they say. "Rest assured, we are not planning on abandoning RedM – quite the contrary! The job listings we've mentioned are for both FiveM and RedM. 

"Under the hood, RedM is far more challenging to work on than FiveM but as stated in last month's Pulse, we plan to leverage the Rockstar Games team's knowledge to help improve it in the future."

FiveM's Red Dead Redemption 2 counterpoint – suitably called RedM – works as you'd expect. Like with GTA RP, you're given a more realistic framework of Rockstar's spin on the Wild West to live out your cowboy fantasies. Cfx.re has been supporting both mods for a hot minute now, though you can imagine why a few fans might feel a little uncertain given the buzz around GTA 6 right now. That's not to say that Cfx.re has commented on how its project will apply to the new Rockstar game, but the buzz among fans isn't far away. 

Elsewhere in the latest community pulse, Cfx.re further clarifies the decision to scrub non-adult character models, which stops folk from playing as big ol' babies. 

"Following the updates to our PLA and our statement in September's Pulse, there has been some confusion around the use of non-adult/minor pedestrian (ped) character models on our platform," they say. "First, we want to clarify that any depiction of an in-game model under age 18 is considered a non-adult ped model. Using these models is prohibited under the PLA in any context or scenario; there is no exception for 'character age-appropriate' roleplay. All non-adult ped models must be removed."

In other news, Rockstar has finally revealed that we'll get a peep at the next Grand Theft Auto game, and it's next month. Good news for most, except that one fan who had to drink their own urine. Truly an absurdity in the spirit of GTA itself.

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